About Advanced Taxidermy

A Professional Taxidermist in Sioux Falls, SD

Stan Lorenz is the owner of Advanced Taxidermy, and he has been creating professional taxidermy mounts since 1965.

He learned the basics of professional taxidermy from his father, and built on that knowledge by attending seminars and entering taxidermy competitions.

In 1989, Stan was recognized for his talents by achieving Master status for a taxidermist.

Stan's mission is "to provide museum quality work to each client while providing them with customer service over and above what they expect."

Stan is skilled in all phases of the taxidermy trade, including:

  • Upland Game Birds
  • Waterfowl
  • Small Mammals
  • Large Mammals
  • Fresh Water Fish
  • Replica Fish

Contact us today to inquire about what we can do for you to preserve your life long memory of the hunting trip or fishing trip of a lifetime.

Preparing Fish

Soak a towel and wrap the fish in it. Then place the fish in a plastic bag and freeze. Make sure to label the bag, so that in 3 months you'll know what it is!

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Preparing Big Game

Do not cut the throat area. Stop your incision for field dressing just short of the front legs. When skinning, cut a circle around the animal just behind the front legs.

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Preparing Birds

When picking up birds from the ground, always pick them up by their feet as any bleeding occurring from their mouth will them fall on the ground and not on their feathers.

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